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Batho Pele Principles

Citizens should be consulted about the level and quality of the public services they receive and, wherever possible, should be given a choice about the services that are offered.

Citizens should be told what level and quality of public services they will receive so that they are aware of what to expect.

All citizens should have equal access to the services to which they are entitled.

Citizens should be treated with courtesy and consideration.

Citizens should be given full, accurate information about the public services they are entitled to receive.

Citizens should be told how national and provincial departments are run, how much they cost, and who is in charge.

If the promised standard of service is not delivered, citizens should be offered an apology, a full explanation and a speedy and effective remedy; and when the complaints are made, citizens should receive a sympathetic, positive response.

Public services should be provided economically and efficiently in order to give citizens the best possible value for money.

Innovation can be new ways of providing better service, cutting costs, improving conditions, streamlining and generally making changes which tie in with the spirit of Batho Pele. It is also about rewarding the staff who “go the extra mile” in making it all happen.

Impact means looking at the benefits we have provided for our customers both internal and external – it’s how the nine principles link together to show how we have improved our overall service delivery and customer satisfaction. It is also about making sure that all our customers are aware of and exercising their rights in terms of the Batho Pele principles.

Good leadership is one of the most critical ingredients for successful organisations. Organisations who do well in serving their customers can demonstrate that they have leaders who lead by example, who set the vision, and ensure that the strategy for achieving the vision is owned by all and properly deployed throughout the organisation. They take and active role in the organisation’s success.


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