SA Army Traineeship Application
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SA Army Traineeship Application Forms downloads 2022 to 2023


Recent information on application forms 2022 to 2023.

SA Army Traineeship Application .In a nut shell The South African National Defence force, on the 5 of February 2022 issued a warning statement about SA Army Traineeship 2022 false information of the social media. It is alleged that scammers are luring unsuspecting young people in the name of SANDF Traineeships for 2022 to 2023.

Be vigilant The department has urged the community to be vigilant and not let scammers rob them of their monies. The alleged scammer uses a shortened URL which takes you to a web page.

On the page you will be asked to enter your details such as name, phone number, address and email address and click “Apply” Exposing your personal details to scammers By doing so (sending your details), users will not be applying for the traineeship, but will be sending their details to the page owner using that online form.

That opens a room for one to be scammed. So, the department is warning people not to be preys to scammers. How SANDF advertises SA Army Traineeships or Skills Development Programmes

The department further said that they use media statements for national media, their social platforms and national newspapers to advertise these opportunities. Application forms will be available on when the application channels are open.


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