UNISA Teaching CoursesUNISA Teaching Courses
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UNISA Teaching Courses Opportunities at 2022

Teaching Courses Offered at UNISA 2022

Teaching is one of the qualifications offered by the University of South Africa (UNISA). UNISA’s faculty of education offers a range of teaching qualifications from higher certificates in education, diplomas, advanced diplomas, degrees in education and higher qualifications such as masters’ programmes.

To be a teacher, one needs to be passionate about transforming learners. Well, that’s my opinion. One needs to be a dedicated person, willing to work under pressure making sure that the knowledge they are imparting to learners is well received.

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So, how many points are needed for teaching at UNISA?

This is one of the questions you may be asking yourself right now. The South African Qualification Authority is responsible for grading qualifications in South Africa and assigning them credits for a course to be certified as being fully completed. So, universities use the same system to grade courses and so does SETAS.

Below you will find some of the courses offered by UNISA in the field of education. Each course also shows how many credits are needed in order for one to complete the course. You may download the information brochure here about UNISA Education Qualifications in 2022.

UNISA Teaching Courses
UNISA Teaching Courses


Education qualifications at UNISA

Bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is the basic teaching qualification that will enable
you to qualify as a professional teacher and register with the South African Council
for Educators (SACE).

Unisa offers the following BEd degrees:
• BEd in Foundation Phase Teaching (Grade R-Grade 3)
• BEd in Intermediate Phase Teaching (Grades 4-7)
• BEd in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching
(Grades 7-12). The following specialisation streams are offered for this
o Computer Application Technology
o Consumer Studies
o Economics and Management Science
o Financial Accounting
o Geography and Languages
o History and Geography
o Hospitality Studies and Business Studies
o Hospitality Studies and Tourism
o Information Technology
o Language
o Life Orientation and Language
o Life Sciences
o Mathematics and English
o Physical Science and Mathematics
o Religious Studies
o Technology
o Tourism and Management

Unisa Higher Certificates in Education• Higher Certificate in Education. The purpose of the Higher Certificate is to
enable candidates to be able to meet the admission requirements for a BEd
the degree should not meet the minimum entry requirements for admission
to the degree.

Advanced Diploma  in Education

UNISA offers an Advanced Diploma in Education in Intermediate Phase Mathematics
Teaching from 2020. The primary purpose of the Advanced Diploma is to enable
teachers to deepen their subject content knowledge related to the teaching of school

Postgraduate Diploma
Postgraduate Diploma in Inclusive Education.

The purpose of this qualification is to build the knowledge base of teachers in inclusive settings for them to conversant in this field of study and to equip them with relevant theoretical knowledge, teaching skills and assessment strategies to respond to the individual needs of learners. Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education. This qualification will not be available for new applications. Current students will have until 2022 to complete this qualification.

Honours degrees in Education
Qualifications to be phased out in 2022

The following Honours BEd qualifications are phasing out and no new applications
will be accepted for these qualifications. Pipeline students have until 2022 to
complete their qualifications.
Honours BEd General, Honours BEd Early Childhood Development, Honours BEd
ABET, Honours BEd Education Management, Honours BEd Inclusive Education,
Honours BEd Psycho-Education Support, Honours BEd Mathematics Education,
Honours BEd Natural Sciences, and Honours BEd Environmental Education.
In 2020, the Bachelor of Education Honours is offered.

Master’s and Doctoral degrees
UNISA offers a number of master and Doctoral degrees related to education.

UNISA Short Learning Programmes

UNISA offers several short learning programmes related to education. The programmes offered by the Centre for Continuing Education and Training provide specific and practically oriented training. The duration of these programmes varies from six to 24 months and covers a wide range of subjects related to education, training and development practices, environmental education, in-service teacher education, and counselling.

Please note that UNISA’s programmes are updated regularly. Make use of their website for recent changes or updates. The information on this page may have been updated. It is advisable that you enquire directly with UNISA about anything you need clarity for.


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