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African Bank JOBS

POST: Sales Consultant

REF: 2172SCS002

LOCATION: Somerset West

Permanent position in the Clerks sector/job category.

1 – Achievement of all Sales Targets & Growth
1. Sell, promote and Market the Banks Products and ensure that the following is achieved:
1.1 Retention of existing clients
1.2 Acquisition of new clients
1.3 Reactivation of dormant client
2. Achieve Sales Target as set by Management (differing targets for branch consultants versus candidate consultants) i.e.:
2.1 Minimum set turnover
2.2 Minimum set number of loans sold
2.3 New client targets
2.4 Credit card conversion rate
2.5 Set minimum number of credit cards
2.6 Missed 1st and 2nd instalment at set branch targets

2 – Performance of key sales activities
1. Promote and sell new products as the Bank introduce same from time to time
2. Interview Clients to establish the client’s needs
3. Phone clients for sales (Tele-Sales)
4. Generate Sales Leads
5. Request referrals from Clients
6. Follow up and make appointments with prospective clients
7. Follow up on status of workflow and applications being processed
8. Keep the client informed at all times with regards to the loan application status
9. Forward the Loan Application to Administration for process finalization

3 – Application Administration and Costs
Capturing of Loan Applications
1. Check loan application documentation for accuracy, authenticity and compliance to
Policy and Procedures as well as completeness
2. Accurately capture all client information on Xiriuz as per loan application and supporting documentation
3. Suspend or reject loan applications to be re-quoted as and when required
4. Report suspicious or fraudulent loan application documents to the Branch Manager
5. Explain the Loan Application Process to facilitate client understanding of the process
6. Explain Terms and Conditions of Banks Products to clients
7. Issue copy of Contract / Agreement to Client
8. Print loan agreement for client’s signature
9. Correct altered loan application information sent for rework and reprint for client’s signature
10. Follow up on clients with 1st and 2nd missed instalments.

4 – Client Service
1. Project / promote the professional image of African Bank by adhering to the dress code, housekeeping, professional behavior and code of conduct
2. Maintain relationships with internal and external clients by treating them fairly at all times.
3. Resolve all client related issues according ABIL’s Client Query Resolution Procedures within set turnaround times and keep clients informed
4. Explain compliance requirements to clients and reasons for non-approval of a client’s loan applications
5. Maintain professional look and feel of branch (branch neatness and atmosphere)
6. Welcome clients and visitors in a friendly and professional manner

5 – Compliance to Policies and Procedures
1. Execute all Branch Consultant related duties and activities in adherence to Internal Audit standards (BPR):
1.1 Cash Administration
1.2 Compliance, regulatory and Credit Policy
1.3 General Operations

6 – Customer
1. Create and maintain productive relationships with internal and external clients by providing advice and assistance
2. Create understanding of the ‘real’ versus ‘perceived’ need through experience and expertise while complying with company polices legislation and regulations
3. Keep the client informed about progress through written communication, telephone communications and/or face to face meetings
4. Build a positive image by exceeding client expectations at all times
5. Treat internal and external customers fairly at all times

Nature 1:
To promote and sell the bank’s products to client, ensure effective completion of required administration and customer service and satisfaction.

Nature 3:

Behavioural (COMP)

Pleasant disposition
Self starter

Minimum Education
Grade 12 or equivalent
NQF level 6 (FSB Recognized)

Minimum Experience
2 years sales and client service experience

Technical (COMP)
Accuracy and speed
Administrative skills
Client Focus
Interpersonal and communication Skills
Selling Skills
Working knowledge and understanding of ABIL Products, Systems, Policies and Procedures

POST: Sales Consultant

REF: 2883SCS004


Permanent position in the Clerks sector/job category.
1 – Sales Focus- Achieve customer growth, revenue and collections targets as defined by the bank
• Meet and exceed individual activity metrics for all product lines
• Meet, exceed and effectively execute on all Sales & Customer targets as set by the Bank
• Effectively execute the Banks sales strategy in respect of Product & Value Added Services(Up Selling, Cross Selling & Capital Take Up)
• Outbound calling to target both existing and prospective customers
• Convert all sales opportunities received through inbound customer requests, outbound calling, lead generation initiatives and customer queries
• Establish, develop and maintain business relationships with existing and prospective customers to generate new business
• Participates in cross selling bank products.
• Maintain detailed tracking of pipeline management and of prospect data and activities
• Set up in person visits, appointments and presentations, following up telephonically where necessary
• Conduct a professional financial needs analysis to make a needs based analysis that may lead to a sale
• Scheduling customer feedback for obtaining documents and progress updates
• Adhere to Supervision requirements set out by Line Manager for all financial products
• May prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and present results to management
• Ensure effective Cash Management as and when required with approved authorization
• Ensure effective CAM Management as and when required with approved authorization
• Ensure effective management of Credit Card Administration & Fulfilment as and when required with approved authorization
• Ensure accountability for your own results

2 – Marketing Focus
• Keep abreast of products and services, competitive activities, advertising and promotional trends in and around your branch
• Identifying referral opportunities in and around the branch
• Assists the branch in meeting goals by generating new business through marketing activities, promotions, telemarketing and targeted customer initiatives
• Participates in events that demonstrate support for the community and increase business opportunities for the Bank
• Ensure all marketing endeavours, activities and initiatives adhere to appropriate policies and procedures

3 – Risk & Compliance Focus
• Ensure deal quality is a premium by reviewing and completing product applications with the customer timeously and accurately utilising all the necessary Bank tools and training to mitigate risk (Biometrics & Fraudulent Indicator Identification)
• Comply with all policies/procedures related to all customer interactions and engagements
• Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and the Banks compliance policies related to these requirements
• Ensure the reporting of certain incidents and instances required in terms of regulatory requirements(AML)
• Ensure the reporting of all fraudulent behaviour incidents and fraudulent indicator instances via the correct fraud and dishonesty reporting channels
• Ensure effective execution of a “zero defect” prerogative in terms of the Deal Quality Error Rate
• Ensure effective execution of a “zero defect” prerogative in terms of the Capturing of Income & Expenses Error Rate
• Ensure compliance with FAIS journey inclusive of RE qualification parameters and guidelines as set by the Bank(Own)

4 – Customer Service
• Ensure compliance with the Banks Customer Service Standard and relevant legislation
• Ensure compliance with TCF principles
• Ensure accountability for your own behaviours while helping team members to enhance their ability to engage with the Banks customers
• Ensure you satisfy all the Banks customer’s financial needs and help them succeed financially
• Ensure accountability for application quality and turnaround times, query resolutions and solution creation for the Banks Customers

5 – Training & Development
• Responsible for ensuring you receive on-going sales/service development training for deficiencies as highlighted in your developmental/coaching plans
• Responsible for participation in and successful completion of all product and services training and developmental initiatives that have a bearing on your on-going value proposition to the Banks customers
• Responsible for 100% participation in and successful completion of risk and compliance training initiatives that have a bearing on your on-going value proposition to the Banks customers and additional regulatory, statutory and compliance obligations of the Bank

6 – Operational Activities
• Responsible for ensuring compliance with all security and safety procedures within the branch including opening and closing procedures, camera surveillance where appropriate. Branch security, robbery, fire drill procedures and health and safety procedures and SOP’s.
• Perform other admin related duties as may be required by Management and Leadership structures of African Bank.

Nature 1:

To promote and sell the Bank’s product bouquet to clients through sales activities in a responsible manner. Responsible for sourcing and developing new contacts/prospects and sales leads through the Bank’s internal leads campaigns and your own referrals.

Nature 3:

Behavioural (COMP)
Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations – Entry Level
Following Instructions and Procedures – Entry Level
Persuading and Influencing – Entry Level
Presenting and Communicating Information – Entry Level
Relating and Networking – Entry Level
Working with People – Entry Level

Minimum Education
NQF 6 Recognised FSCA Qualification

Minimum Experience
2 years sales and client service experience
Full Rep in all Product Categories

Technical (COMP)
Accuracy and speed – Entry Level
Administrative skills – Entry Level
Client Focus – Entry Level
Selling Skills – Entry Level

Closing date: 16 Aug 2022


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