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About Sasol

The shortage of ability in South Africa and worldwide makes it fundamental for Sasol to guarantee nonstop accessibility of abilities to support our development. The Sasol Bursary programs for South African youth are a basic ability switch to empower us to meet our vital and change ability targets.

Sasol has laid out a standing in the market as a business of decision and has been casted a ballot Employer of Choice in the Chemicals and Energy area, by graduates on the SAGEA boss study, for five successive years.

To date Sasol has different projects that empower the improvement of researchers and graduates.

Sasol Foundation Bursary Program (Open 25 August – 23 September 2022)

STEM bursaries

The Sasol Foundation offers a comprehensive bursary to gifted people who are intending to concentrate on full-time towards a college degree to seek after STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vocations. Need will be given to certificate concentrates on that are in accordance with future requirements remembering specializations for concentrate on disciplines like Engineering and Technology (counting Green Technology), Data Science, Agricultural Science, Environmental and Medical Sciences, Construction and Manufacturing and Financial Sciences among others. No postgraduate bursaries will be presented for 2023 scholarly year.

Non-STEM bursaries

These bursaries are saved exclusively for qualifying understudies from Sasol’s wall line networks (regions/locale around Sasol plants/tasks); offspring of Sasol Khanyisa investors; and offspring of Sasol representatives, wishing to study towards non-STEM capabilities. No postgraduate bursaries will be presented for 2023 scholarly year.

These bursary potential open doors are restricted to South African residents (by birth just), who are/will be chasing after certificate learns at a public South African University or University of Technology.

South African Mainstream Bursary Program (Next admission to be affirmed)

The Sasol Bursary program involves a far reaching bundle that covers both monetary as well as formative help all through the review period. Bursaries are granted for full-time college concentrates on in designing and science. Upon effective culmination of the review time frame, understudies might be utilized inside the Sasol Group through our Graduate Development Programs. The Sasol Bursary Program involves:

Undergrad Bursaries – For up-and-comers wishing to seek after four year college educations in Engineering or Science, this level incorporates praises degrees (in our unique situation).

College of Technology Bursaries – For competitors wishing to seek after a B. Eng. Tech. degree in Mine Surveying at a University of Technology.

Postgraduate Bursaries – For up-and-comers who either are finishing or have finished degrees and wishing to seek after a Master’s or Doctorate concentrate on in Science or Chemical Engineering.

Sasol Graduate Development Program (Next admission to be affirmed)

The Sasol Graduate Development Program is a corporate drive that guarantees that all alumni in the different designing and science disciplines adjust to an elevated degree of uniform principles regarding direction, preparing, improvement, and openness to the business processes. These projects are only for our designer/researcher in preparing applicants and offers graduates a concentrated three year advancement program. These improvement programs are evaluated as the absolute best in South Africa.

Sasol Vacation Work (Next admission to be affirmed – if it’s not too much trouble, visit our site in such manner again during early September)

Sasol sometimes gives understudies the valuable chance to get functional work experience connected with their field of study, as expected by the tertiary foundation, to finish the pertinent degree. These (potential) open doors for excursion work happens during December and January every year.

Sasol YES Program (Next admission to be affirmed)

The YES program is a business-drove cooperation with government. Indeed looks to diminish youth joblessness across private and public areas. The point is to empower more youth to foster new abilities and gain significant working environment experience, which will thus essentially work on their possibilities tracking down long haul business.

At Sasol, more than 400 (already jobless) youth have been furnished with an amazing chance to acquire work insight through the Sasol YES program.

Significant data to all candidates:

If it’s not too much trouble, note that:

Bursaries are granted for standard degree courses over a base timeframe (for example B.Sc. or on the other hand B.Eng. for concentrates on north of a 4-year time span).

Understudies currently on a supposed 5-year program/who expect to enroll for a 5-year concentrate on plan should not make a difference. (Would it be a good idea for you actually apply; and we understand at a later stage that you are now enlisted for a long time or will enroll for a 5-year program – the bursary will be removed/ended with prompt impact).

Understudies who apply for a second/third/fourth year bursary, should in any case have the option to follow the previously mentioned rule. In the event that you have bombed modules/have not enrolled a few modules/dropped any modules and subsequently added a year to the review time frame (bringing about a 5-or 6-year concentrate on period), kindly don’t matter. In rundown – you should in any case have the option to finish the relevant degree course in the base and standard endorsed timeframe – for instance 4 years for a B.Eng./B.Sc. Science certificate.

Understudies should concentrate on full time at a perceived and endorsed standard South African University. NB. Understudies may (for instance) not register at a purported distance-learning office/foundation – for example UNISA.

Bursaries will by no means be granted for studies towards a purported double/joined/cross breed degree course (for example B.Sc. Science with Chemical Engineering, B.Eng. Mechatronics, B.Sc. Natural and Geology and so on.)

Should an individual give erroneous data during the application cycle and such data comes to the consideration of Sasol at any later date, the greeting for the further determination process, the bursary offer or the bursary will be removed/ended with prompt impact – because of conceivable purposeful/unexpected deceitful activity.

NB. Understudies genuinely must comprehend that should the data gave during the application and additionally the conceivable bursary interview as well as any later date contrasts – the application/bursary will be viewed as invalid and void.

Assuming you have the stuff to turn out to be essential for this intriguing group, the Sasol programs for South African youth are prepared to completely change you.


All applications ought to be submitted before close of business of the application shutting date.

Fragmented or late applications won’t be thought of.

Applications by email as well as not submitted through the Sasol bursaries site won’t be thought of.

Applications from non-South African residents won’t be thought of.

Assuming you experience issues with your application, kindly contact:

Berlyne Rasool | | 086 010 6235

Applications are open (for scholastic year 2023) for the Foundation Bursary program (25 August – 23 September 2022).


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