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Job Details

Division – SV – LG Division
Minimum experience – Entry Level
Company primary industry – Retail
Job functional area – Other

As a casual merchandiser at Dis-Chem at the Mall of Africa, you would be an integral part of the retail team, responsible for creating visually appealing displays and ensuring that products are effectively presented to customers. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of one of South Africa’s leading pharmacy, health, and beauty retailers. In this article, we will explore the responsibilities, skills, and potential benefits of working as a casual merchandiser at Dis-Chem in the Mall of Africa.


Responsibilities of a Casual Merchandiser at Dis-Chem, Mall of Africa


Working as a casual merchandiser at Dis-Chem in the Mall of Africa would involve a diverse set of responsibilities aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for customers and driving sales. Your primary tasks would include setting up and maintaining product displays, ensuring that merchandise is attractively presented and in line with the company’s visual merchandising standards.


Additionally, you would be responsible for implementing promotional activities, such as in-store campaigns and special offers, in collaboration with the store management team. This may involve creating eye-catching promotional displays, arranging products to highlight specific offers, and ensuring that promotional signage is clear and compelling.



Furthermore, you would play a key role in managing inventory levels, conducting stock checks, and communicating with store management to ensure that product replenishment and merchandising needs are met. Regularly updating displays to reflect seasonal changes and staying informed about new product launches would also be part of your responsibilities.


Skills and Qualities Required


Grade 12 / Matric

Up to 6 months’ retail experience

Computer literate – MS Office

Willing and able to work retail hours


At least 1 year retail experience


Job Description:

Restock merchandise as needed to ensure maximum sales

Ensure delivered stock/stock pulled from the storeroom, is stored and packed in the correct space timeously

Ensure stock on shelves has not reached sell-by date

Ensure the full range of products is on the shelves at all times

Facilitate rotation of stock on a regular, FIFO basis

Report low stock levels, out-of-stock items, damaged stock and expired stock to management

Assist with counting of stock files and general stocktaking

Adhere to Dis-Chem’s operating standards, store layout and planograms

Ensure boxes are flattened after unpacking stock, and taken to the designated area

Ensure front shop shelves and products are neatly presented and visible at all times, with correct labels and pricing

Report all price discrepancies to management

Keep abreast of current and new products

Ensure merchandising displays are built, faced up, stocked and maintained



Maintain daily physical upkeep of store and merchandise displays, and be responsible for your designated stock in the storeroom as well as on the shop floor

Assist with loading and off-loading of stock

Ensure items without barcodes are clearly marked

Assist with back shopping

Assist in training of new staff

Provide friendly, helpful and courteous assistance and advice to all customers

Ensure all out of stock queries from customers are followed up with the customer service out of stock list

Ensure all customer stock queries are dealt with and resolved

Ensure the correct uniform and badge are worn at all times

Minimise any losses by handling all merchandise carefully

Adhere to Dis-Chem policies and procedures, SOPs and health and safety rules and regulations




Strong command of the English language


Effective engagement with customers, management and staff

Trustworthy and honest

Time management



Knowledge of merchandising standards and the FMCG industry

Product and category knowledge

Ability to analyse ZMORE reports for ordering and stock taking

Report bad/suspicious behaviour relating to both staff and customers


Special conditions of employment:

Willing and able to work retail hours

Able and physically fit to lift and move heavy boxes, and ensure health and safety standards are adhered to

Reliable transport and/or reside in close proximity to the store

South African citizen

Clear credit and criminal records


Remuneration and benefits:

Market-related salary

To succeed as a casual merchandiser at Dis-Chem in the Mall of Africa, you would need a combination of specific skills and personal qualities. Strong visual merchandising skills are essential, including the ability to create visually appealing displays, understand planograms, and utilize design principles to maximize the impact of product presentations.


Effective communication and collaboration skills are also crucial, as you would need to work closely with store staff and management to understand their merchandising needs and ensure that your efforts align with the overall store strategy. Additionally, attention to detail, the ability to work independently, and strong organizational skills are important, as you would be tasked with maintaining the visual standards of the store and managing your workload effectively.


Moreover, a proactive approach to learning about new products and industry trends, as well as a creative mindset to innovate and adapt merchandising strategies, are valuable assets in this role. Flexibility and adaptability are also important, as the retail environment can be fast-paced and dynamic, requiring the ability to respond to changing priorities and customer demands.


Benefits of Working as a Casual Merchandiser at Dis-Chem, Mall of Africa


Working as a casual merchandiser at Dis-Chem in the Mall of Africa offers several potential benefits. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to be part of a leading retail brand with a strong presence in the health, beauty, and wellness market. This can offer valuable experience and insight into the operations of a successful retail organization.


Additionally, the role provides a dynamic and engaging work environment, where you can develop practical visual merchandising skills and contribute to the overall shopping experience for customers. The position also offers flexibility, as casual roles often allow for varying work hours to accommodate individual schedules.


Furthermore, working at Dis-Chem in the Mall of Africa would provide exposure to a diverse range of health, beauty, and wellness products, as well as the opportunity to engage with a broad customer base. This can be both personally rewarding and professionally enrich



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